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CMB Symposium 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Second Computational Molecular Biology Program Student Symposium was held Monday, June 2 in CSE 403.

There were research talks by senior CMB students and short "Unsolved Problem" presentations / brainstorming sessions by CMB faculty.



Dr. William Noble: 

An Unsolved Problem


William Sheffler: 

Analysis of Packing Quality in the Protein Data Bank


Brig Mecham: 

Surrogate Variable Normalization of Gene Expression Studies


Alex Scouras: 

Amino Acid Conformations and Dynamics from Dynameomics


Dr. Mary Kuhner: 

An Unsolved Problem



Meet and mingle with other CMB members while continuing the Unsolved Problems discussions over snacks

Keynote Presentation




Dr. Joseph Felsenstein: 

Developing and distributing a phylogeny package: tales of the PHYLIP





Abstract: I will describe how the PHYLIP phylogeny inference package developed and has been distributed. In its 27 years of continuous development, it has grown and improved greatly and its developer is wiser, and perhaps sadder. I will explain some of the decisions made, assess whether they were correct ones, and try to give some sense of the reactions it has gotten, the triumphs, the tragedies, and the dilemmas that it faces in the future.